What we can do for you.

We offer video production services from conception to completion.  What does that mean?

We help you develop the idea first – how can we most effectively communicate your story and engage your customers.  Then we work with you to figure out how to execute the plan with excellence and in an efficient manner.  And finally we put all the pieces together and deliver a final product that you’ll be eager to share with the world.

From creative brainstorming, to scripting, shooting, and post-production work, we love all parts of the process and we’re ready to work with you to get it right.

Video is easily your most effective communication method to engage current and new customers.  But how can you use it most effectively to meet your goals?  Here are some ideas for how can make video content work for you.

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Explainer videos

How many times have you been asked a simple question about your business or service, and you’ve slid right into your “script” to help explain it.  You’ve figured out how to communicate what your service is all about.  But maybe that explanation could reach a wider audience, helping to educate potential clients and leading them to connect with you when they need you.  Taking your explanation of your process and putting it into a high quality video production that can sit on your website will increase your visibility to the world and help your new customers feel more confident in coming to you for your expertise.

Customer updates

Your business probably varies over time – you have those busy seasons, the market evolves, or there are prime spots on the calendar when people are likely to be looking for your services. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to proactively get information into your customers hands to help educate them about what to expect, and to keep your company at the front of their minds?  We can produce an information-packed, but easy-to-digest video piece that you can send out to your client list to give them fresh and current information about your services and to remind them that you are available to help them out.

Have you met…?

New customers will always feel a little intimidated when they don’t know the people behind the service they need. Let us be your wingman!

We can produce a “get to know us” video that gives people some insight to your personality, a synopsis of the ways that you can help them, and just generally allows them to anonymously “meet” you before they contact you.  Improve on the conversions that you never knew you were missing, just by letting people get to know you a little bit ahead of time.

Animated pieces

Do you really want to stand out from the crowd in a fun way? Consider using animation for your piece.  We can build you a custom character and quickly produce an engaging piece that will uniquely tell the story of how you are different and how you can improve your customer’s lives.

And what else do we do?

While video is our specialty, we can help you out with a lot of the pieces that surround and support your communication with your clients, including…

  • graphic design
  • print pieces
  • photography 
  • website development
  • technical planning and training
  • database CRM

Do you want to be compelling and relevant?

Let us help!  We’re nice people. We’d love to talk about your project and what the possibilities might be.  

Just fire us a message – there’s no commitment, and it could be huge for your business.